The Lord of Glory is Mystically Present Among Us.
Everything in the church is to be done with order and decorum, in a spirit of humility.

This, too, is a ministry. It's an honor and a privilege to serve in the Holy Place. We're to show proper respect for the holiness of the place in which we serve, especially behind the iconostasis. No one is permitted to enter the Holy Place without a blessing from the priest. 

  • Since you already have a blessing to enter the Holy Place, make three metanias in front of the door on the south side. Then, enter through that door.
  • Fold your garment neatly and approach the priest to be blessed. Approach the edge of the Holy Table and wait for a blessing.
  • You may then put on your robe.
  • You should never behave casually in the Holy Place. You're there to serve and pray.
  • You should also receive a blessing before removing your robe at the end of the service.

Note: Whenever a hierarch is present, you should approach him to be blessed. The priest doesn't bless when a hierarch is present.