The Good Order of the Church
As the image of Christ, the priest is to be shown the respect due to his office. It must be stated unequivocally that nothing happens in the parish without his blessing.

The priest is assigned by the Metropolitan Archbishop and represents him in all matters related to the parish. The priest is responsible to and answerable to the Metropolitan Archbishop and the Diocesan Bishop, no one else.

The clergy (protos, associate priests, and deacons) follow strict guidelines in order to keep the unity of the faith and preserve the good order of the Church. The same applies to anyone tonsured into a lower order. Here are a few examples:

  • The protos presides at all services, unless he designates otherwise.
  • The protos is the confessor of the parish community, unless he gives a blessing otherwise.
  • Clergy from other jurisdictions must contact the Diocesan Bishop with a letter of good canonical standing and ask for his blessing to attend. The protos should then be contacted prior to arrival, informing him of the visit and asking for his blessing.
  • Anyone tonsured into a minor order must contact the protos before visiting and ask for a blessing to attend. This is a strict requirement. There are no exceptions.